Toukley RSL BC 2019 Photo Gallery
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Presentations & Christmas Party 2019

Presentation Past President's Badge
Runner Up Fours
Fours Champions
Runners Up Triples
Triples Champions
Runners Up Veteran Pairs
Veteran Pairs Champions
Runners Up Major Pairs
Major Pairs Champions
Minor Singles Champion
Runner Up Major Singles
Major Singles Champion
Our Substitute MC
Raffle Winner
Raffle Winner
This is all they left you Pete

Australia vs The Rest of the World 2019 Challenge

Minor Singles Championship Final 2019

2019 Winner
Glen Mills
2019 Runner Up
Grant Wyatt

Triples Championship Final 2019

2019 Winners
Steve Chappell,
Ken Piper, Mal Fowler
2019 Runners Up
Mick Waddington,
Mick Lynch, Ted Heath
The Finalists
The BBQ was fantastic.

Marlin Day Handicapped Triples Tournament 2019

Creightons Mens Open Singles Tournament 2019

Finals Fours Championship 2019

Winners 2019
M Waddington,
G Pollock,
K Piper,
L Jackson
Runners Up
A Schembri
D Harman
F Mastroianni
G Wyatt

Matchworks Day

Zone 15
State Pres. Reserve Pairs
Finalists 2019

Zone 15
State Presidents Reserve Pairs
Finalists Alf Schembrie & Doug Ellery

2019 Major Pairs

Winners 2019
Steve Chappell & Mal Fowler
Finalists 2019
Glen Mills & Ted Heath
Steve Chappell
Mal Fowler
Glen Mills
Ted Heath

2019 Pennants

Grade 5 Team - 2019 Post Sectional Playoffs