Tips & techniques

Using the DHB Device

Tips and Techniques

Trouble picking up the Jack?

It's a lot easier to pick up the jack if you turn the Arm over as shown...

Think the rubbers may be losing their grip?

Using a soft cloth and plain water gently rub away the accumulated bowls polish and dust from the grooves in the rubber pads on the ends of the jaws as shown in the photo...

Bowling too narrow?

Note the grip:- thumb and 1st finger are aligned over the pivot point of the trigger and the thumb is angled forward as shown.

Notice (on the right) also that the Bowl has been released just forward of the foot, releasing it any later will result in the bowl bouncing and a subsequent loss of weight...

Toukley RSL Bowling Club - Innaugural Bowling Arm Competition

Don and his device

Pick up jack and bowl

Jack and bowl swing

Pick up jack from side

Classic delivery